Reebok Women’s Floatzig 1 Sneaker
Reebok Women's Floatzig 1 Sneaker $130.00
Ceramic Sake Set, Japanese Cherry Blossom Sake Cup Set, Barware Drinkware Home Decor Father’s Gifts, with 4 Sake Cups, 1 Sake Pot Cups Cups
Ceramic Sake Set, Japanese Cherry Blossom Sake Cup Set, Barware Drinkware Home Decor Father's Gifts, with 4 Sake Cups, 1 Sake Pot Cups Cups $184.06

Night Owl 12 Channel DVR Video Home Security Camera System with (6) Wired 1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor Deterrence Cameras and 1TB Hard Drive (Add up to 4 Wi-Fi Cameras)

“Night Owl is excited to offer our U.S. designed and engineered 1080p HD Bluetooth Digital Video Recorder with Wired 1080p HD Spotlight Cameras and Pre-Installed Hard Drive. With secure app-based Bluetooth setup, there is no need to connect a TV or monitor for setup or viewing (optional). Our patent-pending recorder has built-in Bluetooth technology, making it easy for you to configure your system right from the app on your smartphone or tablet. While a TV or monitor is not required, with Google Assistant you can use simple voice commands to stream camera footage directly to your TV or monitor, all while remaining hands-free. Human detection technology, including human and vehicular motion alerts, reduces the risk of false alarms to keep you safe and well-protected. Motion-activated spotlights flood your yard with bright lights when human motion is detected, instantly warding off trespassers. Proudly designed and engineered in the USA, our security system uses a wired connection for uninterrupted viewing with no delays. Our app gives you control of your system and easy access to your recordings, regardless of where you are. Night Owl never charges fees for storage or access to your videos. All recordings are securely stored on a pre-installed hard drive for convenience. You can view and download the recordings as you need them. This system provides the latest technology to give you the ultimate security experience. NOTE: The DVR is compatible with our DP2 Series wired BNC cameras and our WNIP2 Series Wi-Fi IP devices but is not backward compatible with other Night Owl products. What’s Included: DVR: 1 x 12 Channel Wired DVR with 1TB Pre-Installed Hard Drive 1 x DVR Power Adapter 1 x 6 ft. HDMI Cable 1 x RJ-45 Cable (Ethernet) 1 x USB Mouse 1 x Support Material Packet Wired BNC Cameras: 6 x Wired BNC Deterrence Cameras 2 x Camera Power Adapters 2 x 4-Way Power Splitters 6 x 60 ft. Video/Power Camera Cables 6 x Mounting Hardware and Screws
CAPTURE KEY RECORDINGS WITH CLARITY: It’s clear, video quality matters. Reliably capture what’s happening around your home or business with crisp 1080p resolution.
EASY SETUP: Set up and control the recorder right from the app on your smart device via a secure Bluetooth wireless connection. Our app and your system are password protected to shield your data. No TV or monitor is required.
IMMEDIATE ALERTS FOR FAST RESPONSE: Instantly receive key alerts to your mobile device when your cameras detect humans and vehicles as they arrive and depart.
PRIVATE DATA WITH SECURE CONNECTION: Your privacy matters. All recordings and data are stored on your recorder’s hard drive via secure wired connection (CCTV) with no Internet required. You control who has access to your data.
MAXIMIZE YOUR SECURITY COVERAGE: Need more coverage for your home or business? Easily add our compatible wired, Wi-Fi IP and doorbell cameras to your recorder to boost your viewing area.

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