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x Noubell dumbbell Adjustable Dumbbell weight change with one-hand

Ajustable dumbbell from Sweden that can changed in weight with one hand. The design is stylish compact variable dumbbell. Since the weight can be changed with one hand. It is convenient for the last drive to lower the weight step by step without taking an interval
【TRUSTED BRAND 】 Bodytech brand established in 2019. Our lineup Dumbbell, Exercise mat, Abs muscle roller Push up bar, and Power tower. We provide high-quality training gear for those who are focused on simplicity in training.
【Stylish & compact design】 Adjustable dumbbells save your workout space. 50lbs dumbbell can changes 5 steps weights. 80lbs dumbbell can change 9 steps weight. You just need One dumbbell instead of 5-9 dumbbells. The weight 50 lbs and 80 lbs provide for woman and man who are suitable for any fitness enthusiasts.
【One-hand weight change】 This is one-hand operational design. You can change easily a varieties of weights by one hand. You just hold and turn the grip.
【Efficient workout and training】 Because weight changing dumbbells can be adjusted quickly with one hand during the interval. You can smoothly transition to the next training without the hassle of removing the weight plate. You can train efficiently and smoothly your muscle lines and strong muscle fibers.If you do not have time to go to gym, this adjustable dumbbell is perfect to fit for home workout.

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